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Welcome to the Express Cargo Clearance System (ECCS). This system is currently operational at eight ICT locations i.e. Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi Ahmedabad, Chennai, Cochin, Jaipur & Kolkata and planned to be rolled out soon at the remaining locations.    In case of any difficulty faced regarding personal imports of COVID19 related equipments or medicaments through courier, please provide details on the link https://courier.cbic.gov.in/EccsTradeGrievance/   Please visit the link https://eccsmobility.cbic.gov.in/eicimobility/ for tracking status of your courier consignments.    All the Courier exporters are advised to get their bank account details registered in ICEGATE portal by visiting their jurisdictional Customs formations or by signing up on the ICEGATE website, for the purpose of IGST refund.    Beware of phishing emails / calls / letters from unauthorized persons. View PDF   
List of Circulars relevant for Couriers
Sr.No. Circular No / F.NO. Date Year Subject CBIC Web-Link
1 56/2020-Customs 31-12-2020 2020 Import and Export of vaccines in relation to COVID-19 through courier-reg. View Link
2 52/2020-Customs 27-11-2020 2020 Exports of Gems and Jewellery through Courier mode - reg. View Link
3 47/2020-Customs 20-10-2020 2020 Contactless delivery of international courier consignments - reg View Link
4 41/2020-Customs 07.09.2020 2020 Auto Let Export Order under Express Cargo Clearance System (ECCS) View Link
5 04/2020-Customs 21.01.2020 2020 Clarification relating to import of gifts-Reg View Link
6 40/2019-Customs 29.11.2019 2019 Auto Out of Charge under Express Cargo Clearance System (ECCS) - reg. View Link
7 09/2017-Customs 05.07.2017 2017 Import of gifts and other goods for personal use through courier View Link
8 19/2017-Customs 31.05.2017 2017 Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court's judgement dated 27.10.2015 in CA No.554 of 2006 titled DGFT Vs. View Link
9 59/2016-Customs 02.12.2016 2016 Outsourcing by an authorised courier View Link
10 58/2016-Customs-IV 02.12.2016 2016 Roll Out of ECCS at Courier terminal,Sahar,Mumbai View Link
11 42/2016-Customs 31.08.2016 2016 Courier bond executed CCSPs View Link
12 F.No.450/179/2015-Cus.IV 11.04.2016 2016 Import/Export of Gifts by Courier View Link
13 07/2014-Customs 07.03.2014 2014 Import of pesticides-Common Order dated 05.09.2013 passed by Hon'ble Gujarat High Court in various Civil Applications View Link
14 42/2013-Customs 25.10.2013 2013 Encouraging stakeholder participation in custom functioning View Link
15 16/2013-Customs 10.04.2013 2013 Requesting for fixation of norms for waiver of payment of cost recovery charges for customs staff posted at Seaports , Air Cargo Complexes,Courier Terminal,etc. in the manner of the norms in force for ICDs/CFSs. View Link
16 05/2012-Customs 23.02.2012 2012 Courier Imports and Export(Electronics Declaration and Processing) Regulations,2010 View Link
17 21/2011-Customs 18.04.2011 2011 Courier Imports and Export(Electronics Declaration and Processing) Regulations,2010 View Link
18 F.No.450/54/2008-Cus.IV 09.02.2011 2010 The Courier Imports and Export(Electronics Declaration and Processing) Regulations,2010 View Link
19 33/2010-Customs 07.09.2010 2010 Courier Regulations for the manual and the electronic mode View Link
20 31/2007(Customs) 29.08.2007 2007 Issues concerning imports & export through courier mode View Link
21 23/ 2006-Cus 25.08.2006 2006 Examination norms concerning import & export through courier mode View Link
22 87/2003-Cus. 06.10.2003 2003 Movement of Domestic Courier bags on domestic segments of international flights View Link
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